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LimeWire 5.5.16 Free Download

Freeware: This program is free software

One of the most incredible file sharing applications

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LimeWire is a Peer to peer file sharing application that was released back in 2000. It is one of the most popular file sharing applications in the world for Windows machines and supports firewall-to-firewall file transfers.

LimeWire is available for free download and its installation is pretty easy. The user then chooses a folder from their hard drive where content can be shared with other LimeWire users. A folder should also be selected for the storage of files downloaded from other users.LimeWire is fast in its functioning and allows the users to access the most popular file sharing networks.

A straight to the point software

One feature of LimeWire we liked was the multisource downloading. With this feature, pieces of files can be obtained from more than one user. The number one goal of the feature is to save bandwidth usage. LimeWire does not limit the type of files that can be shared on the internet. You will be able to share your files with anyone you want. LimeWire is based on the Torrent network which has some good and some bad. As with other P2P software such as FrostWire and BearShare[P, the security risks are real.

LimeWire is generally user-friendly as it allows the user to be able to know who downloads what from their computer. The user can also chat with their friends list by loading the free integrated IM tool. Some of the other features include but are not limited to ghost ratings and the ability for the user to perform multiple searches. There is no reason not to have LimeWire for sharing files with others for free.

LimeWire still remains the best application in terms of file sharing.

  • Integrated media player
  • Support for direct connection
  • Filter for adult and copyright contents
  • No ads included
  • Can use a lot of bandwidth
  • No security options

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